Shake to learn Chinese

This is a game to help you with the repetitive task of memorizing Chinese words and characters. This app have 600 Chinese words that includes all the words from Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) from level 1 to 3. Note: Chinese words are denoted by one or more Chinese characters.

The objective of this game is to select from a list of Chinese characters, those that matches the meaning of the given English word or phrase. You select the characters by physically moving (tilting) your device and dropping them into preassigned boxes on the screen. The score screen tracks how successful you have been in learning the Chinese word. The presented words for testing are based on a combination of factors that includes the words you least remember and since the last time you were tested.

In addition this app has a usage tracker in a form of daily or monthly usage graphs. This graph informs you of how many times in a day you have used the app.

Screenshot_2014-05-17-21-19-13TiltAlign Game

TiltAlign Game


How Diplomats Learn Foreign Languages

In addition to class time, we generally receive homework every day. This gives students a chance to refine some grammar points and drill certain structures outside of the classroom. I have to admit, this is generally less useful than conversation, but it does help to improve our skills and gives you a chance to review anything you with which you are having difficulty.

Language shapes one’s view of the world?

But  “linguist John McWhorter argues that while this idea is mesmerizing, it is plainly wrong. It is language that reflects culture and worldview, not the other way around. The fact that a language has only one word for eat, drink, and smoke doesn’t mean its speakers don’t process the difference between food and beverage, and those who use the same word for blue and green perceive those two colors just as vividly as others do. ” — The Language Hoax