Qilin Chinese Flash cards and Dictionary Software

dictionary main

This system is a combination of a dictionary and a flashcard learning system. The dictionary is derived from the CEDICT a public domain Chinese-English dictionary. The flashcard system allows a user to load their own customized list of vocabulary using a simple unicode capable text editor. The flashcard implements the 4 stage Leitner spaced repetition method. Multiple stacks of cards called ‘flashgroups” can be stored in the system. The system also allows different users and usage to be tracked.

A word search in either pinyin or Chinese characters is also incorporated. The results are presented as a set of cards that has basic details of the character, such as it meaning and ranking in usage. The pronunciation of the character can also be played. A particular unique feature of this software is the ability the present similar looking characters using the Shape-Alike button.

This software is totally FREE, It however requires Java Run Time.

Download at github: https://github.com/qilink/cls

Or Download at this link:http://ge.tt/4RgxFIB2/v/0


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