The research, which analysed game play data from 850,000 people, has revealed that the way you revise or practise is potentially more important than how often, and can affect how efficiently people learn a skill.

The study found that players who seemed to learn more quickly had either spaced out their practice or had a more variable early performance in the game.

Psychological Science – a journal for the Association for Psychological Science


Language shapes one’s view of the world?

But  “linguist John McWhorter argues that while this idea is mesmerizing, it is plainly wrong. It is language that reflects culture and worldview, not the other way around. The fact that a language has only one word for eat, drink, and smoke doesn’t mean its speakers don’t process the difference between food and beverage, and those who use the same word for blue and green perceive those two colors just as vividly as others do. ” — The Language Hoax